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Sandy Polak – Cost effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Wednesday 13th October (7.30-8.30 pm)


Sandy Polak will talk on…

“Cost-effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint”

Practical advice on how to be greener and save money at the same time

Synopsis:    Why should we reduce CO2?   What causes CO2?  How can we reduce our “footprint”, and save money at the same time?

This informative and practical talk goes into the following topics:-

  • Home heating
  • Electricity consumption
  • Cars and other land travel
  • Air travel
  • Eco technologies

The talk will focus is on what we, as individuals and householders, can do.  There will be some “easy wins” – actions or devices which save CO2, save money and do not require any change of lifestyle.  And there are others, (including some which have been promoted by the government), which are a waste of time, money and energy.  And a whole spectrum in between.

Sandy will aim to clarify some of the irrational and contradictory messages in the media regarding green issues; to demystify and inform providing rational guidance on appropriate priorities for individuals and households who wish to reduce their “carbon footprint”. No jargon (or as little as possible anyway). 

For more information see http://www.fernhurstsociety.org.uk/greener01.html

Bio:  Sandy is a professional mechanical engineer and a consultant for over 25 years.  His professional activity is problem-solving on machinery of all types and in all industries, worldwide. Sandy has a strong interest in all renewable and green energy technologies, and has been involved with several types (wind turbines, hydropower, tidal turbines, pumped storage, hybrid vehicles, CHP) on a professional basis.  

In the 1990s, with a colleague Sandy developed the “Poldaw” Windpump, a not-for-profit Appropriate  Technology project.  These wind pumps are locally manufactured in various developing countries, and used for water pumping in rural areas. See www.tribology.co.uk/poldaw.htm

Sandy is passionate about environmental issues, particularly energy (and CO2) matters which are confusingly and inconsistently treated in the media.

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