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Sharon Duggan – Living the green life 

Saturday 27th March (2.30-3.30pm) 


Sharon Duggan will talk on…

“Living the green Life”

How to live the green life and have fun doing it!

Synopsis:  Sharon is a professional singer and vocal coach from Cranleigh and lives a low carbon lifestyle.  She will talk about her journey towards a sustainable way of life, which she embarked on in the late 1970s.  Sharon will also talk about how to go about doing this with practical suggestions for our day to day lives, from the paint we use to the food we eat.

Bio:  While living in London in the late 70s, Sharon became a vegetarian, started using ethical and eco-friendly cleaning and household products and also campaigned on animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries.  She started eating organic food in the early eighties and had her first organic veggie box in the mid 90s.

Sharon moved to Cranleigh in 1999 and started having a regular organic vegetable box delivered at this time, as well as growing a number of culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruit in her garden.  She also swaps and shares vegetables and fruit with friends who grow stuff. 

In 2000, Sharon compiled an environmental questionnaire that she then delivered to all the houses on her own estate to assess the level of environmental awareness amongst the 300 odd households – this resulted in her setting up an LA21 (Local Agenda 21) group in Cranleigh, manning stalls with Waverley Borough Council during events like Green Week and Fairtrade Fortnight etc to promote a green lifestyle, recycling, composting etc.

Over the next few years, Sharon was commissioned by Waverley to research and write the main text for their sister environmental awareness site “Wey to Go”, also undertaking all the case studies for the site. She was then also appointed as a freelance writer for WWF in Godalming and commissioned to write several articles on sustainable living issues for their specialist site for teachers (Sharon is also a qualified teacher).

In 2006, after a year’s planning, Sharon set up a sustainable living project in Waverley with 10 volunteer families, which she then ran for two and a half years. The project was monitored and evaluated by WWF and was based on sharing her practical knowledge of sustainable living as well as educating without preaching.  The project included a workshop on making your own household cleaners and natural beauty products, organic gardening, composting, a trip to an eco-friendly house, a trip to a biodynamic farm, an energy workshop, a swap-it event, toxins in the home, ethical shopping, ecological footprinting and more.  Sharon also provided support to the volunteers by being on hand to give advice where requested.  Everyone involved made changes to their lifestyles as part of their own journey towards a more sustainable way of living.

In 2008, Sharon became County Sound Radio’s “green guru” and co-hosted a series of hour long programmes on sustainable living issues, complete with listener phone-ins.  In the same year, her low-carbon lifestyle was featured in the well respected Ethical Consumer magazine.  She also became the Surrey Advertiser’s online eco-blogger at this time.

Most recently, Sharon has been approached by the Cranleigh Initiative to help take forward green initiatives in the village.

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