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Colin Butfield – Living the ECO life at home 

Wednesday 23rd June (7.30-8.30 pm)


Colin Butfield will talk on…

How to turn your home into an ECO home

Synopsis:  Our homes are the front line of sustainability. They account for 27% of the UK’s carbon emissions, use 55% of all timber used in UK and a huge amount of freshwater – in short we cannot make the UK sustainable without making our homes sustainable. However doing this arguably has more direct benefit to you and I than most other eco-pursuits. In the UK we currently live in leaky, drafty, expensive to run homes which we think of as normal and we think of ecohomes as unusual. Actually a sustainable home is simply a better home- this is as much about quality as it is environmentalism. An ecohome won’t have drafts, won’t waste tons of energy, will be more pleasant to live in and cheaper to run. So why don’t we all live in them? Because at the moment its not as simple as it should be to do this to your home. This talk is about one man’s experience trying to turn a very typical 1930s house in Haslemere into an ecohome.

Bio:  Colin is Head of Campaigns at WWF-UK where he manages a team working on everything from stopping illegal logging, to tackling climate change, to making UK homes more sustainable. The main areas of WWF’s work on homes are the Existing Homes Alliance which Colin is chairman of and a partnership with Grand Designs, the Great British Refurb Campaign, which Colin helped create and run.

Prior to joining WWF Colin was Director of the Wildscreen Trust and Head of Communications and Events at Raleigh International. Colin has worked on baseline biodiversity studies in Zambia and Chile and has a Business and Economics degree and a Masters in Business and Sustainable Development.

You can follow Colin’s campaigns on Twitter @Colin_WWF and find out more about WWF’s work on sustainable homes at wwf.org.uk/oneplanethomes

To view Colin’s presentation click here

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