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Maddy Harland – Permaculture: Sustainable design for the future 

Wednesday 28th April (7.30-8.30 pm)


Maddy Harland will talk on…

“Permaculture: Sustainable design for the future”

Follow nature for the future of our farms, gardens and communities

Synopsis: Permaculture is a system of design that takes its cue from Nature’s sustainable ecosystems. Originally developed for agriculture, its principles can apply equally well to vegetable gardens, house building, town and country landscaping, and communities. With its underlying goal of long-term sustainability, permaculture provides a guiding framework for the transition town movement..

Bio: Maddy Harland is the editor of UK-based  Permaculture Magazine which she founded with her partner Tim in 1992. Permaculture Magazine has an international focus and covers all aspects of sustainable living, from permaculture gardening and small scale sustainable agriculture to green building, low-impact transport and community action. The magazine has 100,000 readers world wide, and has been successfully distributed in the USA since 2003. It is now also available in many other countries, including Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia.

Maddy is also a co-founder with her partner, Tim, of Permanent Publications, a company dedicated to publishing environmental books, and she was cited for a ‘Special Commendation’ at the Triodos Bank Women’s Ethical Business Awards at the Globe Theatre, London. She is also a founder member of Gaia Education, an international team of educators developing curricula and courses on the Sustainable Development of Urban and Rural Settlements, and she helped found the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, UK

More details about Maddy can be found on her blog at http://permaculturemagazineeditorial.blogspot.com

To view Maddy’s presentation click here

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