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Mapping Local Food Webs

Project Overview

The Mapping Local Food Webs project aims to give people the materials and
support they need to ‘map’ – research and record – their local food networks
or webs in their towns and cities across England. The findings should
increase understanding of the links between producers and consumers, and
the impact those links have on people in urban and rural areas.

This project has just started in Haslemere – one of up to 24 communities in
England where the mapping activity will occur during 2009. It is already
supported by the Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Transition Town Haslemere,
Haslemere Food Festival, and local producers in the area. We need
volunteers with a passion and interest in local food to form a local
research team to organise and carry out various pieces of research from
now until the end of summer 2009.

Activities will include interviewing shoppers, food outlets and producers
on their views of local food, and organising a workshop for the local
community to explore the social, environmental and economic impacts of
local food. The research will also identify barriers to local food in terms
of affordability, accessibility and availability. The work is flexible in
terms of days and hours.

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Current Situation

The research on the project has started! A fantastic team of volunteers
make up the Local Research Team and are currently screening food outlets
within our study area to find out if they sell locally grown or produced
food. Of those that do, we will be requesting a time to come back and
interview them about their role in the local community as well as their
social, environmental and economic impact. The volunteers have been trained
and can explain the project to businesses. So if you are a local business
(or you know one) who sells local food, do expect a call soon! If you don’t
hear from us but feel that you should have done, do let us know.

If you know of any good places / could offer a space for the team to
conduct surveys with shoppers in Haslemere could you please let us know?
This may be community groups, where we could give a talk and then do an
exercise with them about food, or somewhere outdoors at an event, or
outside a shop / cafe where lots of people pass. We can do a short exercise
to get their views and get them to fill in a short questionnaire (it takes
about 5 minutes) if they have time. We are trying to get as diverse a range
of shoppers and their views as possible, so not just the traditional local
food advocates !

Project Manager

Karen Gardham

South East Regional Co-ordinator

Mapping Local Food Webs

Campaign to Protect Rural England

Email: kareng@cpre.org.uk

Tel: 01273 540 998

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Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)
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