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TH Community Allotment


The Transition Community Allotment project at Collards Lane in the centre of Haslemere started in Winter 2016/17. The group has transformed this plot from a grassy rectangle with piles of rubbish and a thicket of brambles and weeds to a beautiful and productive garden with raised beds for vegetable and herb growing, a wildlife refuge, a practical working area with compost heaps and a small place to sit and enjoy the peace of the place or a conversation with friends.

Our objectives are to grow food as organically as possible, and to share a vision of local environmental engagement leading to happier, healthier, more sustainable lives. We welcome everybody whatever their age, capabilities and gardening skills.

If you would like to join us, our regular meetings for the 2018 autumn and winter season will be Wednesday and Saturday mornings, 10am to 12 noon. There is usually a tea break, too! To receive updates please join the mailing list by contacting info@transitionhaslemere.org.

TH Allotment, update for growing season 2017-18

This season has been one of contrasts with the ‘Indian Summer’ of September and October more than compensating the slow spring start.

On the construction front, we finished our raised beds, mended fences and made a ‘back gate’, and installed a second compost heap.

Our veg growing was productive, with successful potatoes in sacks, beans so high we couldn’t reach them, lovely fragrant herbs for salads and teas, and a decent crop of wonderful sweet apples to crunch, with the surplus going to the Swan Barn apple pressing. As the plot is ‘put to bed’ for the winter we are having our first comprehensive trial of various green manures – vetches, buckwheat, beans, mustard, fenugreek and the famous Tubingen mix with species for pollinators next year.

We were visited by a variety of wildlife, not all of them competing with us for the food. A blackbird made her nest in the Philadelphus and raised two broods, and we had the company of a juvenile robin. The wildlife patch offered a diversity of flowers appreciated by pollinating insects, including honeybees and wild bee species, hoverflies and many others. Only the balance of nature could say how many fell prey to the (European) hornets! At ground level, we occasionally spotted three common amphibians.

Members of the group shared conversations, refreshments and surplus seeds with other allotment people.

Looking forward to next year … Over the coming winter, we hope to have social meetings to discuss the way forward in terms of cultivation, construction and welcoming new members. As well as raising the soil level in beds we can consider the possibilities of a new shed to install, a reorganisation of the ‘working area’, and an enlarged growing area.

Why not come and join us? Contact info@transitionhaslemere.org.

TH Allotment, update September and October, 2017


The Allotment is still in good shape. We experienced the usual summer phenomenon of heavy cropping while folks are on holiday, but nevertheless harvested quantities of spinach, kale, beetroot, carrots, French and flat beans, sugar-snap peas, butternut squash, leeks, parsley and a few others. We managed to keep up with watering during dry spells thanks to the arrival of a hosepipe, which certainly helped with lettuce and other salad crops. Watch this space for news of the harvesting of our novel crop, oca, chicory ‘Radicchio’, and winter staple parsnips.

The apple tree benefited from our earlier efforts with pruning and thinning of fruits, producing at least 20kg despite its diminutive size. Some of these we took for juicing at the National Trust’s apple-pressing event at Swan Barn.

As Autumn arrives, we are gradually clearing the summer crops, sowing the latest possible quick catch crops (mustard, radish, cornsalad), and green manures for overwintering, before the coldest weather comes. We are also harvesting and storing wildlflower seeds, and looking forward to another bright and insect attracting display next season.


TH Allotment, update July, 2017

The Collards Lane Allotment is doing well. We have lots of leaf-beet especially. The squash are really taking off now, and we have lots of herbs and lettuce. We even pulled our first turnip today, picked 5 strawberries (we put nets on on Saturday) and there is a green tomato! (picture to follow)..

TH Allotment, update June, 2017

Although June was hot and lots of watering was needed, the first harvests were on the way!

On Saturday the TH allotment team harvested their first lettuces, rocket and spinach. All is growing fast so I’m sure there will soon be more. Other than that:
  • Weeds grow faster than vegetables, unfortunately, so – weeding
  • remove weeds and dig small area between herbs and potatoes.
  • Try a second sowing of peas, spinach and land cress. These failed earlier in the season, and may do so again since germination can be poor when things are hot and dry.
Screen Shot 07-11-17 at 01.07 PM

TH Allotment, work in progress update May 20, 2017

Our TH allotment troopers braved the weather and planted currants and parsley today. Hurray, bed number 3 is in use!


Also we welcomed 2 new volunteers, before retreating due to the rainy weather.


Next meet-up: Wednesday, usual time – 10 – 12.30. Any questions? email us on info@transitionhaslemere.org


TH Allotment, work in progress update May 13, 2017

We have now been regularly meeting every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 – 12.30 at the allotment and it shows!


Compost has been ordered, beds have been dug, and mulched, and the all TH team have contributed some plants or seedlings, so the plot has shaped up nicely.
Last Saturday, apart from enjoying Hilary most delicious flapjacks  (YUM!!!), we were busy with ….

  • putting our first plants (started in pots and seed trays, earlier in the year) in the ground.
  • finishing the ‘hugel culture’ bed for raspberries
  • still weeding!
  • still clearing the fence line!
  • constructing compost heaps?
  • the Shed may make further progress
  • discussing two further areas for permanent planting

Next meet-up: Wednesday, usual time – 10 – 12.30. Any questions? email us on info@transitionhaslemere.org.


TH Allotment, work in progress update April 12, 2017

First of all, thanks, Hilary, you did a wonderful job on Wednesday again, much appreciated!

Screen Shot 04-14-17 at 01.22 PM 001
  • Hilary dug up around the red Acer to get it ready for planting
  • We marked out a u-shaped bed for deliberation (about 7 sqm)
  • planted a gifted black current bush (can still be discussed and removed)
  • shifted palettes about to understand how we might put it together (seems to make sense to keep it a hedge height)
  • put some putty on the cold frame
  • and planted 3 more Desiree potatoes in the green bag, plus 6 Broad beans (the Sutton) as a tiny permaculture project (interplanting for mutual benefit – the beans will be ready before the potatoes and act as catch crop. They provide nitrogen for the spuds, and shadow the soil so the potatoes keep moister – more moisture = more potatoes: win -win 🙂 !
    Next meeting Aril 19th.


TH Allotment, work in progress update March 15, 2017

Allotment images

This morning was lovely and sunny at Collards Lane.
The TTH gardenistas made great progress
  • scraping and repainting the cold frame
  • picked nettles for soup – first ‘crop’
  • pruned the apple tree
  • cleared more rubbish
  • bagged up some well-rotted manure for future reference
  • thought some more about bed layout – still undecided!
  • potted up some raspberries and blackcurrant bushes which will be replanted when we have decided on a suitable place
and …
  • planted a potato!
Next meet-up: usual time – 10 – 12 on the coming Saturday, 18/3


Transition Haslemere Allotment in the making


A few years ago TH put its name down for an allotment. We were excited when some allotments came up at Collards Lane. Following a visit, we put forward our preferences and were delighted to be awarded our first choice plot.

So here we are, with a brand new allotment. It is a lovely plot, laid to lawn with a couple of small trees in the middle and some roses and other shrubs one end. A small group of TH gardeners met on Friday to discuss the way forward. Over the next few weeks we will have to clear rubbish, set up a couple of raised beds and a compost area, and start growing seedlings on windowsills.

If you would like to come by or volunteer on a Saturday morning, please get in touch per email: info@transitionhaslemere.org

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