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The Debate – Wood Fuel and Small Wind Turbines

The Surrey Hills has a role to play in the green energy debate…

The Energy from the Surrey Hills debate at the British Science Festival on Tuesday 9th September 2009, produced a ringing endorsement for carbon neutral wood fuel, and a compromise on wind power.

Tom Heap, BBC Environment Correspondent, chaired the debate and challenged the audience of 120 at the University of Surrey whether the Surrey Hills was “about beautiful views, food or energy?”

For full details please see the press release pdf by the Surrey Hills Board.

One Response to “The Debate – Wood Fuel and Small Wind Turbines”

  1. Fred Trott says:

    I am not convinced that wood burning stoves are a sensible solution to the problem of climate change. Burning wood is itself a source of pollution. Particulates from burning wood and other sources are a serious health problem. Even with regard to climate change, wood burning may be carbon neutral in the long term, but a large scale increase in wood burning stove may well increase carbon emissions in the short term. Given the scale of the problem it seems to me more sensible to leave the carbon locked in the trees for the next few decades while we try to come to grips with the problem.

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