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September 2018

In this month's newsletter:

  • green drinks

  • September harvest supper

  • community fridge

  • champion tree tour

  • sustainability courses

  • free flipchart stand and cups

  • allotment update

  • poplars


Green drinks

8pm Thursday 6 September, The Mill
We will discuss the organisation of our harvest supper event to be held on the Friday 21 September, and plan our stall for the food festival on Saturday 22nd. Please come along and share your thoughts to help make both events successful.

Harvest supper

From 6.30pm Friday 21 September.
A shared meal in a lovely old barn (currently home to nesting barn owls) just outside Haslemere town. Bring a dish to share and something to drink. Also, bring any recipes or samples of jams, pickles or other preserves, which we can taste and discuss.
All welcome – bring families and friends. It is free, but you need to email us that you are coming so we can send you directions to the barn – info@transitionhaslemere.org

Community fridge

Inspired by the wonderful Godalming Community Fridge – sharing food that might otherwise go to waste – Claire Matthes has been making initial enquiries into setting one up in Haslemere. The local Citizens' Advice Bureau and Haslewey have already said they would be happy to discuss it and Claire will soon be going to visit an organiser of the Godalming Community Fridge for advice and guidance. There are a lot of boxes to tick to make this work, so any interest and offers of support would be gratefully received. Contact Claire at clairematthes2001@yahoo.co.uk

Champion tree tour

Want to see the oldest yew (850+ years), oldest oaks (350+), horse chestnut (200+), or the biggest beech, or tallest trees in Surrey (Douglas fir, spruce, Wellingtonia)? Also the most majestic cedar, lovely hornbeams and others. Clive Davidson will lead a local champion tree tour on Saturday 13 October. All the trees are within just a couple of miles of the town centre – but because they are spread out we will travel to them by car, with some walking at the sites. The four hour tour starts at 9am on Saturday 13 October. Free. To book a place email info@transitionhaslemere.org


Free resources

Can you make use of a a sturdy, good quality flipchart stand? We have one that we aren't using at the moment that we would be happy to loan, short or long term.
Need disposable cups for an event? We have loads that we would be happy to donate to a good cause.
Contact us at info@transitionhaslemere.org

Link of the month: sustainability courses

The SDG Academy's open online education platform offers free graduate-level courses on sustainable development. “From sustainable cities to human rights to climate action, the courses address the fundamental challenge facing our world today: how do people, communities, governments and companies not only coexist, but also cooperate and collaborate, to save the one planet we have?” Find out more here.


Allotment update

After recent rain, the allotment is looking wonderfully green. The grass is growing at last, providing much needed material for the compost heap. Courgettes, beans, lettuce, beetroot, rainbow chard and herbs are all still cropping well, with the occasional delicious carrot and some Italian black kale finally offering some late leaves.
Late seed sowings have germinated, but the almost autumnal fall in temperatures may inhibit any useful growth. Green  manures will now be sown for winter cover and composting.
The apple tree is losing its first windfalls, most likely those fruits with codling moth caterpillars within. The variety of our established tree is unknown but it seems to be a cox type, with a red  flush and some russetting.  While unripe the apples are quite sour, but stored they become deliciously fresh and sweet. We will hope to celebrate and harvest the apples, together with digging the potatoes, on our Saturday morning session, 15th September 10 am – 12 noon (weather permitting). All will be welcome to see the plot, and light refreshments will be provided. We hope to bring some of the crop to the National Trust’s Swan Barn apple pressing day on Saturday, September 29th.
Our regular allotment meet-ups are on Thursdays 1pm – 3pm and Saturdays 10am – 12noon. You can use this link  to sign up for allotment updates.

Tree of the month: poplar

One of the loveliest sights of summer is a poplar tree against the blue sky with its leaves rustling in the breeze. White poplars (Populus alba), black poplar (Populus nigra) and aspen (Populus tremula) are native. White poplar, which can look ghostly when the wind reveals the white undersides of their leaves, are fairly common. Wild black poplars are rare, although cultivars including Lombardy poplar (Populus nigra 'Italica') are popular in parks and gardens. Poplars can grow to 40 metres and often lean as if gently pushed by the wind. Pictured is black poplar cultivar.

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