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Copenhagen has come and gone.

World leaders have made their decisions and nations their pledges.

Politics has won over Science. We can, individually, make a difference.

Make a personal pledge in 2010 and share it with other Transition Haslemere supporters. 

Join in the tens of thousands of people, businesses and schools who have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. (See www.1010uk.org)

I care about Climate Change and I want to join the many others in Haslemere who also care by living more sustainably.

In 2010 I will…..

……. enter your pledge below.

4 Responses to “Pledge”

  1. greennaomi73 says:

    I pledge to buy only ethical products and items for one year (at least) including clothes,books, gifts, household products and other items. This will involve buying second hand, making my own stuff or finding ethical and sustainable suppliers. I also pledge to reduce my supermarket food shop to less than 50% of shopping and increase my local food shopping to over 50% of food shopping over the year.
    -Naomi Clarke

  2. joolesgreen says:

    I pledge to maximise my use of local (non-supermarket) shops this year (and going forward) and buy organic whenever possible, reducing meat consumption and growing more of my own food (even in the front garden in the flower beds!). I also will walk rather than drive whenever feasible (whatever the weather!). I also pledge to buy ethically, fairtrade as much as possible and always ask myself whether I really need something before buying it! Also look to reuse rather than recycle or throw things out, aiming to keep my dustbin and recycling bins less than full each time.

  3. Greenbushes says:

    We pledge to significantly reduce our meat consumption. We will walk rather than use the car whenever possible (including for all our local shoppping!).
    We will maximise our recycling and buy used or secondhand whenever we can.
    Over the course of 2010 we will plant five more trees in our garden and will start to grow our own vegetables.
    We will do what we can to wholeheartedly support Transition Haslemere

  4. Melanie Odell says:

    I pledge to grow more vegetables and fruit this year, and to plant five fruit trees in my garden. During the year I will continue to buy from local shops and ALL my Christmas shopping will be done in Haslemere.
    I will recycle as much as possible, start a compost heap and remember to turn off the lights when I leave a room!