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Green Drinks


We meet on the first Thursday of the month for “Green Drinks” at

The Mill Tavern, Liphook Rd, Linchmere, Haslemere

This is an informal occasion for people to come and chat and discuss projects and events, or just to mingle and socialise with like-minded people. All are most welcome so do come along.

Next date: June 7th

June topic: Food co-op and hub

From 8.00pm at the Mill Tavern, Liphook Rd, Linchmere, Haslemere GU27 3QE.

May topic: Going vegan

From 7.30pm Thursday 3 May at the Mill Tavern, Liphook Rd, Linchmere, Haslemere GU27 3QE.
Resource: Why be a Vegan
April topic: In Our Hands film screening

From 7.30pm Thursday 5 April at the St Stephen’s Church, Church Road, Haslemere GU27 1NS.

December topic: Festive chat

From 7.30pm Thursday 7 December at the Mill Tavern, Liphook Rd, Linchmere, Haslemere GU27 3QE.


November topic: Remedies from the hedgerow, woodland and meadow

This month herbalist and acupuncturist Tamara Kircher will explain how to make healing tinctures, teas and tonics from berries, herbs and flowers that you can forage locally.

Thursday 2 November, 8.00pm at the Station House, Haslemere.


October topic: Making a market garden

Ed Brooks grows vegetables on an acre of land in Liphook with no chemicals and little carbon. You may have bought bags of delicious Ed’s Veg from a local shop, or enjoyed them with a meal in a local restaurant. Come and hear how he does it while caring for the land.

Thursday 5 October, 8pm, Station House, cafe area


September topic: Trees and and climate change

How did our woodlands evolve? Where did our town and garden trees come from? What will happen to them as the climate changes? Is climate change the biggest threat to our trees? Why are trees important to our future? What trees should we be planting now for tomorrow?

Thursday 7 September, led by Clive Davidson, the author of our ‘Haslemere remarkable trees’ section.


June topic: Keeping chickens in the garden

A talk by Jane Devlin, and our theme for June’s green drinks. Find out about the costs, practicalities, why keeping chickens is a good for the environment, what to avoid, and how to cope with common problems. Also, we will answer once and for all the question of which came first – the chicken or the egg? Thursday 1 June, 7.30pm, Royal Oak, Critchmere Hill (talk begins around 8.30pm).

Missed the talk? Here are the notes: KeepingChicken_TH-Talk


bee-friendly-gardening1May topic: Beekeeping

At our next Green Drinks David Elliott will share his experience with beekeeping.

David is Head Ranger of the
Black Down countryside team at the National Trust’s Swan Barn Farm, Haslemere. All welcome!


April topic: Soil, the Essence of Gardening

Soils are the Earth’s dynamic skin, and an essential resource for human societies and most other ecologies worldwide. The quality of soil derives from a complex interaction of physical, chemical and biological processes which enable plants to get the water and minerals they need to be healthy and grow. So most of our food emerges from this soil-based foundation and life would be unimaginably different without it.

Hilary Neilson has spent most of her life up to the elbows in soil, so join her and other Transition group members at Green Drinks to extend your roots further into this marvellous and mysterious material, and share ways to the soil of your garden or allotment.

Missed the talk? here are the notes: Soils Talk


March topic:  Plastic free living

Plastic is everywhere. The trouble is it doesn’t bio-degrade, it’s made from unsustainable petrochemicals and we are in contact with it so much every day that it is already in our bloodstreams. Brigitte Kaltenbacher has been on a mission to reduce the plastic coming into her home and will share practical ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use and what the eco-friendly alternatives could be.

If you can’t make it or like to read up a bit before the event, her are some links:

My plastic-free life 

Life without Plastic

Plastic Free UK

Could not make the Green Drinks? Here is are the notes: Plastic free living

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