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October 2018

In this month's newsletter:

  • jams, pickles, preserves

  • manifesto for wildlife

  • champion tree tour

  • books wanted

  • hubub

  • allotment update

  • water refills

  • eco cinema

  • silver maple


Green drinks

Jams, pickles and preserves is our theme this month. We will discuss ideas and recipes of how to make the most of the fruits, berries and other autumn harvest. If you can, bring samples to taste and recipes to share. (We will bring some crackers, knives and spoons.)
8pm Thursday 4 October, The Mill, Camelsdale.

Manifesto for wildlife

A group of wildlife conservationists, academics, journalists and campaigners led by Chris Packham has published a Manifesto for Wildlife. It is a broad ranging analysis of the state of wildlife in the UK that not only points to devastating statistics on species decline and negative forces driving them, but also puts forward positive pragmatic proposals for government, local and individual action. A shorter illustrated version summarises the issues and proposals, and there is also a fully referenced version. They can be found at 


Highly recommended. We will discuss the manifesto at our green drinks on 1 November

Champion tree tour

Want to see the oldest yew (850+ years), oldest oaks (350+), horse chestnut (200+), or the biggest beech, or tallest trees in Surrey (Douglas fir, spruce, Wellingtonia)? Also the most majestic cedar, lovely hornbeams and others. Clive Davidson will lead a local champion tree tour on Saturday 13 October. All the trees are within just a couple of miles of the town centre – but because they are spread out we will travel to them by car, with some walking at the sites. The four hour tour starts at 9am on Saturday 13 October. Free. To book a place email info@transitionhaslemere.org.uk


Books wanted

Do you have unwanted books, especially paperback popular novels, gardening and cookbooks, children's and young adults books. We need to replenish our stock for our secondhand bookstall at the monthly farmers' market and coming Christmas market. We can collect. Contact us at info@transitionhaslemere.org.


Link of the month: green ideas

Hubub is a charity that creates positive environmental campaigns that aim to inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices, which, they claim, more often than not help save money and bring people together. They focus on day-to-day areas like fashion, food, homes and neighbourhoods, and aim for practical and realistic solutions. To find out more go here.


Allotment update

A human bean from our allotment

This month will be dedicated to readying the plot for the winter before the weather closes in. It has become apparent that our growing season can be limited by waterlogged ground conditions, but despite this, we are feeling some warm satisfaction, since we have harvested loads of vegetables, fruit and herbs from a very small area, we are still up to date with general maintenance and everything still looks great! We were also quite proud of the wide range of produce we were able to bring to the Transition Group stall at Haslemere Food Festival.

We are now enjoying a few last crops (chillies, herbs, rainbow chard, kale) and filling the spaces with green manures to overwinter. Once again this year we grew white Oca from saved tubers, and we are looking forward to seeing the size of the harvest from this interesting but late yielding vegetable. If anyone can offer us a tuber of one of the other coloured varieties, we’d love to hear from you and diversify our production. We also will clear away the climbing bean row and the last of the salads, cut back this year’s raspberry canes, tidy the shrubs, save seeds for the wildflower area and make sure we get the final cut of grass onto the compost heap.
Join us at the TH allotment this autumn for organic community gardening. Sessions will be on Saturdays 10:00 – 12:00 and Wednesdays 10:00 – 12:00. We look forward to seeing you there.

Water refills

A group of employees at Surrey County Council campaigning to reduce single use plastic in the county are promoting The Refill scheme – for details see here – which gathers together businesses across the country who offer free refills of tap water and displays them in an easy to use app. The group is looking for volunteers to approach Haslemere and vicinity businesses. If you would like to help contact Tessa Crowder at tessa.crowder@waverley.gov.uk


Eco cinema

Farnham Eco Cinema at the Farnham Pottery next screenings are 23rd October: Unearthed – two films on local Surrey sandpits by film-maker Amanda Loomes, of Surrey Unearthed and 20th November: Down to Earth – a newly released film passing on the wisdom of the Earth Keepers from indigenous peoples across the globe. Screenings are preceded by a shared supper. For more information contact Angela at angelashaw8@btinternet.com


Tree of the month: silver maple


As the chlorophyll starts to drain from the leaves before the trees discard them we are treated to a palette of autumn colour. Most stunning at the moment are the two silver maples in the grounds of the BT exchange building behind the Waitrose carpark. You can see their glorious technicolour display above the carpark hedge, or get an even better view from the High Pavement above Lower Street. Silver maple (Acer sacharinum) is native to the east coast of North America where it prefers the moist ground of riversides and flood plains. The trees in the BT exchange are one of many cultivars of the species.

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