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June 2018

In this month's newsletter:

  • back on Facebook

  • food co-op and hub

  • going vegan notes

  • summer barbecue

  • allotment report

  • Bioblitz event

  • Chiddgreen birthday

  • plastic programmes

  • tree: rauli


We are back on Facebook –

– as Transition Haslemere Live. You can follow us here.


Food co-op and hub

At our June green drinks we will be discussing how we might expand Haslemere's food cooperative and whether we could set up a food hub where local producers and consumers can have direct contact with one another. 8.00pm Thursday 7 June 2018 at The Mill, Liphook Rd, Haslemere GU27 3QE


Going vegan notes

Joyce D'Silva's notes from her talk last month on 'Why and how to be a vegan' are posted on our website – you will find them here


Summer barbecue

A date for your diary is our summer barbecue from 6.30pm on Friday  13 July. We hope you will join us for a convivial evening in the lovely setting of the National Trust's Swan Barn Farm centre.


Allotment report


Despite very wet weather early in the season and a late start, we are now catching up with sowing and planting, salads, roots, herbs and peas and beans. The raised bed construction is not finished yet, but is progressing well. We hope to have our first crops within the next few weeks – rocket, radish, chives, loose leaf lettuce. We are never too busy to enjoy coffee and biscuits, and discussion of all things green and continue to welcome new members to the group.

We are continuing with the usual meeting times Thursday 1pm – 3pm and Saturday 10am – 12noon. You can use this link to sign up for allotment updates.


Bioblitz day

Join the National Trust and South Downs National Park for a free day of biodiversity discovery. Bring a picnic and stay all day to learn about the creatures that live on the heath. Alternatively, just go for your favourite species slot. Tuesday 31 July – 09.00, birds. 10.00, reptiles and amphibians. 11.00 butterflies. 13.00 mini Beasts. 14.00 heathland plants. For more information: heathlands@southdowns.gov.uk or call: 01730 819320

Happy birthday Chiddgreen

Chiddgreen formed in 1998 to put into practice locally the sustainability goals of the Rio Earth Summit. For the past 20 years the group has held events such as 'swap-it' days, electric bike demonstrations and woodland events and generally been the 'green' conscience of Chiddingfold. Transition Haslemere, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in October, sends it congratulations and will continue working with the group on shared projects and goals. For more information contact info@chiddgreen.uk.


Link of the month: Plastic Fantastic

A three-part Radio 4 series by materials scientist and broadcaster Professor Mark Miodownik on plastic waste and pollution looking at how and why we've ended up with oceans of waste blighting the environment and what science and society can do about it. Includes an informative discussion on the different types of plastics, the challenges of recycling and emerging solutions. The three half-hour programmes are available on BBC iPlayer – you can click here for programmes one, two and three.


Tree corner: Rauli


It is rare to find one of the southern hemisphere's 40 beech species around Haslemere, but there is a group of raulis (Nothofagus nervosa) on the western side of Black Down. Rauli is a forest tree from central Chile and western Argentina that can grow to 25 metres. It has a smooth bark like local beech, developing long fissures with age. The leaves are similar to hornbeam, but darker and with up to 18 pairs of veins. The tree is grown in parts of Britain for its timber. It naturalises easily and is flourishing on Black Down.

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