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AGM 2018

Chairs report for 2017:

Two things stand out among Transition Haslemere’s activities over 2017 – taking on an allotment and the launch of a series of talks at green drinks.

The allotment was a great success, producing a fine harvest through the summer. A lot of hard work went into preparing the beds and soil led by Hilary, Brigitta and Jeanette, with continued effort from a core group through the growing and harvesting seasons. There is a separate end-of-year report on the allotment and there were a number of items in our newsletter about developments so I won’t say any more here.

We introduced a series of informal talks at green drinks in March, with Brigitta sharing her experience of trying to live without plastic. We tried to publicise the talks more widely than usual and attracted a number of new people interested in the particular topics. Overall, they were a great success, with more than 15 people coming to hear Ed Brooks talk about his market garden for example. Other topics were –
April: Soil, by Hilary Neilsen
May: Keeping bees, by Dave Elliott
June: Keeping chickens, by Jane Devlin
September: Haslemere trees and climate change, by Clive Davidson
October: Running a market garden, by Ed Brooks
November: Remedies from the woods, hedgerows and meadows, by Tamara Kircher

We continued to run our stall at the farmers market, selling secondhand books and raising awareness about our activities, as well as supporting the market cooperative. The bookselling has gained its own momentum, with a continuous supply of donations from local people grateful to see their books recycled to other readers. The Christmas market was particularly good, when we sold around 140 books, many of them children’s book donated by Shottermill Infant School. We have nearly accumulated enough profits to sponsor a second tree in the National Trust orchard.
We also had a stall at the Haslemere Food Festival in September.

I led a Haslemere’s Notable Trees walk as part of the Haslemere Walking Festival in September, which was well attended.

We continued to publish our newsletter monthly, where we introduced a ‘link of the month’ to a website of interest on sustainability and climate change issues. Anna Foldvari took over the website management from Brigitta – thanks to them both for their efforts in maintaining our online presence.

We continued networking with a number of local organisations, developing mutual support with groups such as the National Trust, Chiddgreen and Transition Farnham.

Thanks to everyone who helped keep Transition Haslemere going and participated in our events. We are a small group of people, but I believe we play an important role beyond our immediate activities in connecting and supporting local people concerned about climate change and sustainability and keeping these topics on the agenda in the town.

Transition Haslemere Allotment Report:

Having come to the top of the waiting list, in March 2017 we started work on the Transition Haslemere Allotment, a new project at plot 13a on the Collards Lane site. We took a look at what we had, which was a shrubby, nettly area, two dilapidated cold frames, two large piles of rubbish, and a beautiful apple tree. There were no cultivable beds, so we were free to debate the best approach for layout and methods.

After a quick survey and sketch, and clearance of unusable elements, we moved a small tree, laid out practical beds, and set up a storage area with a shed and compost heaps. Having dug and improved the soil, we planted ready-raised vegetables and sowed successions of seeds, achieving a really pleasing harvest of salads, greens, roots and fruits during the year.

We also welcomed several new members into active service with the group who worked hard to generate the foundations of a thriving project. We hope to build on this environmental and social success in 2018.

Hilary and Jeannette

Accounts Summary:

*Based on* information from Clive Davidson, this is the summary of income and expenditure during the year of 2017 for Transition Haslemere.

We started 2018 with £887.17. A couple of transactions were not included in that sum from events/transactions held in 2016 ( Income from the woodland event, and website costs.) The true figure carried forward from 2016 is £893.67

During the year, we sold books and held events which resulted in donations and income from sales that amounted to £386.14. Expenditure during the year included tools for the allotment, compost and hay and printing of flyers. This expenditure came to a total of £383.35. Overall, then, Transition Haslemere increased cash & bank in 2017 by a princely £2.79!

Most of the expenditure relates to the allotment. Most of the income comes from book sales and donations at events.

I recommend a sum of £200.00 is paid to The National Trust to go towards planting of trees.

The opening balance for 2018 is £947.24, less this amount, £747.24

Jane Devlin Treasurer TH. 18 Jan 2018.

AGM Minutes:

Present: Clive, Jane, Hilary Jeannette.

Clive read last year’s AGM minutes.

Matters arising – is Anna has taken over the web site and updates it regularly

Chairman: Clive, nominated by Hilary, and Jeannette seconded, no objections.

Treasurer: Jane, nomiated by Clive, seconded by Hilary, no objections.

Chair’s report – already distributed. Thanks to all active people invovled. And Thanks to Clive for all his energy and chairmanship.

Jane gave a summary of the accounts.

In addition, there was a grant for £300 for the allottment, and there are some receipts that need to be collated and a report made back to Surrey County Council. Action Hilary and Jeannette.

Donation to the National Trust. We had agreed to £250 when we reached that amount. This amount is based on the amount suggested by the NT to sponsor a tree. Action – Jane will attend the Wassailing, and announce the donation. Clive to arrange payment of the donation to NT. All agreed.

Allotment. Report given by Hilary, who reported on how wonderfully the plot has progressed. Welcomed new members – 4 in total who help regularly.
Plans for next year – join the allotment association and contemplate a compost loo, and research how this might happen. Action Hilary and Jeannette

Proposals for the year

Topics for green drinks
plastics? Alistair nominated to do a talk on the Community Land Trust.
Include Chiddgreen in the invitations

Film made by Land Workers Alliance – to have a showing of this movie. Suggestion to use the St Stephens church room – Jean Leston. Action Clive to liaise with eveyone –
Find out more about the local sustainable growers and invite to screening. Eg Local cheese for local people – Francis and Pam Gimblett.

Swap-it day and Repair Cafe – ask Farnham or Guildford group to help like they did at Watts? Action, Jane to explore this idea.

Allotment work day Saturday 24 February.

IDCD – dawn chorus – to be hosted at Fowlshatch. in May.

Discussion of the timing for some of these things to be agreed. Action Clive.
Discussion about flyers advertising events and where to put them.

Date of Next AGM January 2019.

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